Nova Scotia man files lawsuit over arrest at public meeting by mining company


An environmentalist has filed a lawsuit in connection with his arrest at a public meeting about gold mining in a community in eastern Nova Scotia in May.

John Perkins, a member of Sustainable Northern Nova Scotia, says he is suing Atlantic Gold Corp., the RCMP and the Attorney General of Canada over his forcible removal from a public information session organized by the company at the Sherbrooke fire hall on May 23.

Perkins, who was released without charges following his arrest, alleges he sustained injury and damage as a result of the incident, including nerve damage to his wrist, shock, and mental anguish.

He says he's taking legal action to counter the "chilling effect" the arrest could have on public discourse about the environment.

Perkins also denies the company's assertion that he was causing a disturbance at the meeting, allegations he says are "false and malicious."

His lawyer, Brian Hebert, says a notice of action was filed in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax earlier today.