Nova Scotia NDP raises questions about $750 fee to join Liberal fundraising club

Nova Scotia's premier is brushing aside NDP questions about a Liberal fundraising club that will hold an event this weekend at the governing party's annual general meeting.

NDP Leader Gary Burrill is questioning whether paying $750 to attend the Angus L. Club amounts to cash for access.

McNeil calls the NDP inquiry silly, saying the club is simply another fundraising tool for the party.

McNeil says there are strict limits on political contributions in the province and the club is another way donors can contribute within the rules.

Burrill says setting any dollar amount to attend a political fundraiser is wrong and he believes the Liberals should at the very least release a list of donors who attend.

The party's website says benefits of the Angus L. Club include invitations to events across the province and "hearing from leading voices on our Liberal team," as well as meeting a "strong network of business and community leaders."