Nova Scotia removes barriers to inter-provincial trade

Nova Scotia is making it easier to do business, reach new markets and increase consumer choice as a result of significant measures announced by the Premier today.

The province says it is taking concrete steps to eliminate barriers to interprovincial trade in five areas, including alcohol, business registration, occupational health and safety, transportation and technical safety.

Effective immediately, the province says it will remove personal exemption limits for alcohol being transported into the province for personal consumption.

Next year, the provincial government says it will waive extra-provincial business registration and renewal fees for businesses formed in another province or territory, which by doing so will make Nova Scotia the only jurisdiction to join Ontario in ending the practice of charging businesses extra to operate outside their home province.

In 2019, Nova Scotia will also finalize work to recognize common standards in specific areas of occupational health and safety, including first aid contents, eye, face, foot and hearing protection and personal floatation devices.

The government says these measures will make it easier for businesses and workers to use such safety items in other provinces or territories.

Starting next year, the province says it will align allowable weights between dual tires and wide-base tires to make it more practical for companies to use wide-based tires, which help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to improved fuel economy.

The Premier says Nova Scotia will mutually recongize the Canadian Registration Number for pressure equipment design in 2019, in an effort to do its part in ending multiple reviews across the country.