Nova Scotia rolls out 'X' and no-gender options for government IDs

Nova Scotia flag

Nova Scotians can now choose "X" as a gender indicator, or choose not to display a gender, on provincial identity cards.

Patricia Arab, the minister for Service Nova Scotia and internal services, announced the changes to driver's licences, birth certificates and photo ID cards today at Halifax's downtown public library.

Arab said the government's changes reflect Nova Scotia's diverse population, in response to comments from people who don't identify as exclusively male or female and have said the old identity documents did not reflect their identities.

Fees to change the gender indicator are now waived for replacement cards.

Halifax teacher Shae Morse intends to apply for an "X" identifier and said the changes will make a tangible difference in people's lives.

Morse said having a government that stands up and supports people's need for more accurate representation is another meaningful aspect of the change.