Nova Scotia slow to provide housing, care for people with disabilities: report

A report card on care for people with disabilities in Nova Scotia says a plan to move away from institutionalizing them and begin providing homes in the community has moved far too slowly.

About three quarters of the 137 people with disabilities and their caregivers who completed the survey last year say progress has been ``poor'' in providing community-based housing.

The survey released today suggests 75 per cent of the people surveyed also said there was poor progress in decreasing wait time for services.

Some aging parents say they continue to worry that without improvements, they fear that when they die their children will not have an appropriate place to live.

The province says its disability support program's budget is $319.3 million, including $3 million for new initiatives.

It says the new money has helped 16 people move to new homes, while it expects about 40 people will be moved by June 30.