Nova Scotia to lower clear-cutting on Crown lands, minister says

There will be less clearcutting on Crown land in Nova Scotia, but the province's lands and forestry minister says he can't yet say by how much.

Iain Rankin says the province's forest policies will be guided by ecological practices through the so-called "triad" model.

The triad model protects some areas from all forestry, while other areas are dedicated to high production forestry including clearcutting, and others are harvested with a "lighter touch" and limited clearcutting.

Rankin says his department will begin work on a process to identify appropriate areas for high production forestry on Crown land.

Once those are identified, the province says it will allow the regulated use of herbicides in areas identified for high production use, although public funds won't be used.

Rankin's department will also establish an independent process for environmental reviews for long term forest management licences.

The triad model was recommended in a report released last August on the province's forest practices by University of King's College president Bill Lahey.