NS Chiefs of Police drug committee to discuss drink tampering at upcoming meeting

The Nova Scotia Chiefs of Police drug committee has added drink tampering to its agenda at an upcoming meeting this month.

Halifax RCMP Chief Superintendent Lee Bergerman says the committee will take a closer look at the issue when it meets August 16th.

Although she says it's premature to call it a trend, Bergerman says she suspects drink tampering is underreported, and people can mistake it for being grossly intoxicated.

Any recommended actions would be presented at the Nova Scotia Chiefs of Police Association conference in September.

The decision to look at the issue comes as another woman speaks out about a case of suspected drink tampering in downtown Halifax.

The 19-year-old, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, says she was found unconscious and alone a sidewalk after a night out with friends.

An RCMP crime analyst is encouraging people who suspect they have been drugged to report it to police.

Sheila Serfas says police can't investigate something if it's not reported.

She says police can identify trends and target enforcement based on reported incidents.