NS government spending spree heightens speculation McNeil will call an election this spring

A Nova Scotia government spending spree, with more than 40 million dollars coming in a flurry of recent daily announcements, is heightening speculation Premier Stephen McNeil will call an election this spring.

Acadia University political scientist Erin Crandall says the spending stands in stark contrast to the Liberal government's tough line when it imposed a contract on more than nine-thousand unionized public school teachers in February.

Crandall says it comes from a government that in recent years has said it has no money to spend, and that's probably a good indication that an election will come soon.

Cape Breton University political scientist David Johnson says recent poll numbers showing the Liberals in majority territory are also behind what already appears to be a de facto campaign.

Johnson says it's all adding up to an election coming ``sooner rather than later.''

Nova Scotia is the only province without a fixed election date, the government will reach the four-year mark in October.