NSSAF cancels regional and provincial championships for six sports

Regional and provincial championships have been cancelled for six sports this school year.

The Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation says its Board of Governors met to determine next steps following the interruption in school sport, which began December 5th when teachers entered work to rule job action.

With Bill 75 passed, imposing a contract on the province's 9,300 public school teachers, and the work to rule job action stopped, NSSAF sports can now resume.

The federation says time was the enemy, however, forcing the cancellation of regional and provincial championships in basketball, wrestling, snowboarding, skiing, curling, and hockey in 2016-17.

Board Chair Robert Carreau says the remaining NSSAF sports will resume regular programming effective immediately as per Regulation 16 of the NSSAF Handbook.

The NSSAF oversees 19 different sports, with boys and girls teams, and three divisions within each sport based on school size.