O2 programs to continue at local schools: CCRCE

The Chignecto-Central Regional Centre for Education says the Options and Opportunities Program will continue at its schools.

Concerns were raised earlier this week after the Nova Scotia Teachers' Union issued a media release saying it had received word that funding for the program, commonly referred to as O2, had been cut at some high schools.

O2 is a co-op program that provides young people with guidance and on the job experience to help them positively transition into the workforce.

The CCRCE tweeted Friday morning that it wanted to assure parents and students that the O2 program will continue at all 10 of its sites this fall, with the number of seats per program site and funding for competitions, training and other supports remaining the same. 



The statement echoes one from the Department of Education which says, despite rumours, O2 programs remain firmly in place and students will get all the things that go with it, such as field trips, job fairs and transportation.