Official Opposition responds to new program to repair, rebuild gravel roads

Nova Scotia's official Opposition says a new program to repair and rebuild gravel roads shows the province is finally admitting its neglect of rural roads was a mistake.

On Friday, the province announced $10 million in new annual funding for a dedicated program to repair and rebuild gravel roads.

Progressive Conservative MLA Allan MacMaster says maintenance budgets for rural roads have been decreased since 2008-09.

The Inverness MLA says the McNeil government should be spending over $22 million annually, when adjusted for inflation, to equal what was spent at that time, but has only been spending about $16 million a year.

MacMaster says that means the province has been spending about $6 million less each year on things like ditching, brush cutting and graveling work.

He says he introduced a resolution in October 2014 asking all MLAs to restore the road maintenance budget, but members of the McNeil caucus voted against it.