Options still open for former Nova Scotia wind tower plant: minister

Nova Scotia's business minister says the deadline for deciding what to do with a former wind tower manufacturing plant developed with $56 million in provincial funding has been extended into May.

Geoff MacLellan, who had said that a decision needed to be made by the end of the last fiscal year, now says maintenance savings realized over the winter means the deadline for the former DSME Trenton plant can be pushed back.

While MacLellan says a sale doesn't look likely at this point, he also all but ruled out liquidation as an option, saying the massive plant site could eventually become the purview of Nova Scotia Lands for potential future development.

MacLellan pointed to the former Bowater mill in Liverpool, where some buildings were leased out to companies, and to Sydney tar ponds land that was turned into a park as examples of what could be done.

In an email, the department says the receiver has spent about $4 million on maintaining the Trenton facility to date, and that as of March 2 around $370,000 of the company's money remains in the account.

The plant closed in February 2016 and the first round of bids for the property was abandoned later that year after the province rejected three, including two of only $1.