Ottawa asked to take action to protect Canadian prescription drug supply

Prescription drugs (CTV News)

A non-profit organization representing 28 national patient organizations wants Parliament recalled so it can take action to protect the Canadian drug supply.

That's in the wake of the US moving to allow Americans to legally import cheaper prescription drugs from Canada.

The Best Medicines coalition says that is a direct danger to the health of Canadians.

It says the existing supply of drugs here is not always sufficient to meet people's needs.

The pharmaceutical lobby in the US says there's no way to guarantee the safety of medicines coming from outside the US.

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America says the plan is quote -- ``far too dangerous'' because drugs coming through Canada could have originated anywhere and may not have been reviewed by the U-S Food and Drug Administration.

The Trump Administration's move is an attempt to fulfil a 2016 campaign promise for lower-priced drugs.