Owner of N.S. home that collapsed into sinkhole says it's a 'spectacle'

The owner of a Nova Scotia home that collapsed into a sinkhole says her family's tragedy has become a neighbourhood spectacle.

Heather Strickey says people get out of their cars to take pictures of her two-storey home in Falmouth as it sags into the ground.

Strickey and her daughter were woken up early Sunday morning when the sinkhole swallowed the lower floor of their home.

Strickey says the destruction of her ``dream home'' has been devastating, but her family's safety is all that matters.

The family of four has been staying with friends and family while they sort out their insurance claims.

Municipal officials say the structure is too unsafe for the family to recover their possessions before its slated demolition.

Residents of the well-kept neighbourhood, about 70 kilometres from Halifax, say traffic has increased thanks to sinkhole spectators.

Kellie Fletcher says the sinkhole has grown, and despite the municipality's assurances it was an isolated incident, she's worried about her own property.