Palm trees planted in some Dartmouth parks

Atlantic Canada's largest city has a new, and highly unlikely, tropical flavour.
Nine palm trees have been planted in four Halifax-area parks, although the jury is out on whether they can survive winter.
The parks, all on the Dartmouth side of Halifax Harbour, now feature cold-hardy palm varieties that can grow in more northerly climates.
Municipal horticulturalist Chris Poole says aside from wanting to see if the palms can survive, it's also part of his job to create public interest and to encourage people to enjoy the city's public spaces.
Poole says the palm trees will likely require protective measures this winter.
Egan Davis, of the UBC Botanical Garden in Vancouver, says he sees only one species, the windmill palm, as having a chance of surviving a winter climate like Halifax.
Palms are grown elsewhere in certain parts of Canada, most successfully in Vancouver, the warmest of the country's big cities during winter.