Parks Canada advised to consult over renaming national park in P.E.I.

Parks Canada is being advised to consult with Prince Edward Island's Mi'kmaq community about revising the name of a national park.

But the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada says the Port-la-Joye -- Fort Amherst historic site in Rocky Point should keep the name of a controversial British general.

John Joe Sark, a member of the Mi'kmaq Nation traditional government, says it's offensive to honour General Jeffery Amherst because he wanted to kill aboriginal people with smallpox.

Sark has submitted Mi'kmaq names for Parks Canada's consideration, but says he won't be satisfied until Amherst's name is gone.

He says his years-long campaign to change the name has been unsuccessful because the government is unwilling to commit to real change.

The board said it carefully reviewed Sark's request, but ultimately decided the designation was appropriate because of the location's historical ties to the British government.

Several places in the U.S. and Canada, such as Amherstburg, Ontario, also bear his name.

However, Amherst College in Massachusetts decided last year that the 18th-century officer would no longer appear in official communications or as a mascot.