PC education critic says Liberal education reforms still leave questions unanswered

Nova Scotia's opposition parties say there are still big questions to be answered about how well the Liberal government's changes to the education system will pan out.

The Liberal government introduced a sweeping omnibus bill Thursday that will eliminate seven English language school boards and alter the composition of the union that represents public school teachers.

Last minute changes to the reform package prompted the 9,600-member Nova Scotia Teachers Union to drop its threat to stage an illegal walkout.

However, Tim Halman, the Progressive Conservative education critic and a former teacher, said the legislation isn't clear on how parents will continue to have local input into education.

Halman asked where parents will go in future if they have concerns about the school system.

The NDP's Claudia Chender says the government's tactics damaged its relationship with teachers, and has created a less collaborative system.

Education Minister Zach Churchill says he's pleased with the union's decision and that he plans to enter a new phase in his relationship with teachers.