PC healthcare critic calling on Minister to immediately address ambulance availability concerns

Nova Scotia's Progressive Conservative healthcare critic says there should never be multiple 911 calls pending, zero ambulances available or long wait times for EHS.

Karla MacFarlane says she has received many calls and messages about what the union representing paramedics, IUOE Local 727, has called #CodeCritical.

Through its Twitter account, the union publicizes the lack of ambulances available.

In the past week alone, the union has tweeted at least half a dozen instances of zero available ambulances in Colchester County and other parts of northern Nova Scotia.

One of the union's concerns is offload delays at hospitals, since paramedics are not able to transfer a patient into a hospital's care and return to service until there is a space available for the patient.

MacFarlane says Health Minister Randy Delorey should immediately address the concerns of paramedics in the province.

She says the government has a responsibility to manage and deliver emergency healthcare to people and it's failing.