Petition launches calling on Nova Scotia's justice minister to meet with Clayton Miller's parents

A petition has been started calling on Nova Scotia's justice minister to meet with the parents of a teenager who died after he fled a police raid on a bush party nearly 30 years ago.

The petition on comes just weeks after Nova Scotia's police watchdog dismissed a new witness statement and ruled for a second time that Clayton Miller died of natural causes after he fled New Waterford police in Cape Breton in May 1990.

The petition started by a supporter says several other witnesses have told Miller's family that they were also in the area the day before the teen's body was found, and did not see it even though police say Clayton had drowned in a small brook on Friday night.

The petition adds the Nova Scotia government has never granted the Miller family an opportunity to voice their concerns since the release of two reports in 2015 on the case, and asks people to sign up to pressure Justice Minister Mark Furey into agreeing to a one-hour meeting with the parents.