Pictou County man found not guilty of dangerous driving, evading police

A Pictou County man has been found not guilty of dangerous driving and evading police in a case the judge calls a whodunit.

Thomas Derrell Dorrington was charged after a high speed chase in New Glasgow during the early morning hours of July 19th, 2016.

Court heard that a motorist led officers on an 18-minute chase, blowing through about 20 stop signs and two red lights, before getting away.

Dorrington was arrested a short time later in connection with the incident.

Two of the three officers who testified in court said they recognized Dorrington as the driver because they're familiar with him from other experiences.

But in his written decision, Judge Del W. Atwood said there are several factors that raise reasonable doubt about who was driving the vehicle.

Atwood said the chase took place at night and the officers were focussed on public safety and their own safety, not just the fleeing driver.

He also said the officers provided no evidence to back up their claim that Dorrington was the one they believed to be driving the vehicle.