Police make arrests during Indigenous demonstration on Parliament Hill

A number of people were arrested on Parliament Hill Wednesday evening during an Indigenous demonstration.

A line of demonstrators carried wooden poles on their shoulders intending to erect a teepee as part of a four-day Canada Day protest, but police blocked the group just inside the gates to Parliament Hill across from Langevin Block.

Demonstrators say about 15-20 people were arrested as both sides refused to budge.

Videos posted on social media sites showed RCMP officers dragging at least one person from the scene as several other people chanted ``shame'' and ``let our people go!'' It was not immediately clear if anyone had been charged.

Police eventually erected a barricade to prevent anyone from going further up the Hill.

Organizers say the demonstration marks the first day of a ``reoccupation'' ceremony to counter Canada's 150th anniversary celebrations because Indigenous Peoples have little reason to celebrate colonization.