Popular seaside Halifax park to cut or trim about 80,000 trees this summer

An estimated 80,000 trees are to be cut down or trimmed in Halifax's largest municipal park this summer.

The project is part of a long-running effort to restore Point Pleasant Park, which was hit by the loss of more than 70,000 trees when Hurricane Juan blew through Nova Scotia in late September 2003.

City spokesman Brendan Elliott says the idea is also to help return the 75-hectare forested area of the seaside park to its original Acadian forest condition.

Elliott says smaller trees will be felled in one selected 10-hectare area this summer to allow room for larger, healthier trees to flourish.

He says the plan will see additional trees cut down in other 10-hectare areas in each of the next two years, although the exact number hasn't been determined.

Elliott says the trees will be left to decompose after they are cut down in order to provide nutrients for the remaining forest.