Post-election remorse on the rise, says N.S. university student

The Nova Scotia university student behind a Twitter account that collects the tweets of regretful Donald Trump voters says post-election remorse is on the rise.

Erica Baguma curates the "Trump Regrets" Twitter account that has attracted nearly 200,000 Twitter followers.

The account has a sizeable celebrity following that includes billionaires, Hollywood personalities and longtime Trump foe Rosie O'Donnell.

Baguma says several Trump defectors have urged him to stop tweeting and act more presidential.

She says the account saw a surge in followers thanks to the endorsements of TV producer Dan Harmon and reality show investor Chris Sacca.

Baguma says running the account has forced her to re-evaluate the way she sees Trump voters.

She says it's a more diverse cohort than she expected, and most initially thought they were really doing what was best for the United States.