Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faces difficult questions at town hall in Halifax

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced difficult questions from the crowd at a town hall in the Halifax area, including from a member of the navy who has ALS and from the mother of a boy with severe autism.

Trudeau also faced questions about his controversial Bahamas vacation, pensions for veterans, the Omar Khadr lawsuit settlement and about Abdoul Abdi, a 23-year-old former child refugee who is facing deportation to Somalia.

Trudeau told Abdi's sister that deportation is taken seriously by the government and no final decisions have been made in the case.

He said the government must show compassion and empathy on a case-by-case basis.

A health-care worker also expressed his concern with the minimum age to buy recreational marijuana being set at 18, citing studies that show it can be problematic for brain development in young people.

Trudeau said it's known that setting the age too high simply encourages the continuation of a black market and offered an assurance that Ottawa's plan is meant to help keep cannabis out of the hands of young people.

The prime minister is scheduled to hold another town hall at McMaster University in Hamilton on Wednesday afternoon.