Progressive Conservatives demand support for family of boy with severe autism

Nova Scotia's Progressive Conservative leader wants the province to work out a plan for a Halifax-area family whose nine-year-old son is dealing with a severe form of autism.

Carly Sutherland and her husband made a passionate plea for help on Thursday for their son, Callum, who is due to be released from a confined hospital unit.

Sutherland says she and her husband are scared about what could happen to their son, who suffers from violently aggressive fits of frustration.

She says her family is living a "nightmare" because there are no proper supports or treatment for the boy, who was admitted to the IWK Children's Hospital on October 19th.

Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says it's time for the McNeil government and the IWK to work out a plan with the family before Callum is sent home.

— with files from The Canadian Press