Progressive Conservatives introduce new act, say they want government to buy surplus blueberries

The Progressive Conservatives want the provincial government to buy surplus Nova Scotia wild blueberries for government-run facilities when the market is low. 

Cumberland South MLA and Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says the government can play an important role in stabilizing the wild blueberry industry and provide healthy fruit in government facilities, by buying more local wild berries, particularly when inventories are high and prices low. 

Baillie introduced the Buy Local Wild Blueberries Act this week to help safe-guard the wild blueberry industry. 

A news release says the price of wild blueberries hit an all-time low this summer. 

Executive director of the Wild Blueberry Producers Association of Nova Scotia Peter Rideout says his organization supports the idea, adding it will also raise public awareness on the availability, flavour, and nutritional value of wild blueberries. 

Cumberland North MLA Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin agrees with the initiative and says the government could purchase these blueberries and then distribute them in hospitals, schools, and nursing homes.