Province lays out capital spending plans for 2019-20

Finance Minister Karen Casey has released the province's 2019-20 Capital Plan.

The plan outlines $691.3 million in capital projects.

It includes:
-- $156.9 million for health care redevelopment projects
-- $35.2 million for construction, repair and renewal of other hospitals and medical facilities
-- $63.1 million for school design and construction
-- $13.4 million for vehicles and equipment
-- $10.6 million for information technology projects

There is also a contingency fund of $48 million.

But the biggest chunk of money, $300 million, will go into projects outlined in the transportation department's five-year Highway Improvement Plan.

The capital plan is subject to approval in the 2019-20 budget. It is available at on the province's website.

Local/General projects for 2019-20:

Major Construction Projects for 2019-20

  • Highway 102: Aerotech Connector (Multiple Year Project)
  • Highway 102: Lantz Interchange and Connector (Multiple Year Project)
  • Highway 104: Twinning: Sutherlands River to Antigonish (Multiple Year Project)

Asphalt Projects for 2019-20

  • Highway 104: East Bound Lane from Exit 19
  • Highway 104: West Bound Lane from Exit 21 to Exit 20
  • Highway 104: from km 47 to km 43.3 (concrete section)
  • Trunk 2: from Highway 102 to Belmont Road
  • Trunk 2: from Colchester/Hants County Line northerly to rail crossing

Bridge Replacement/Rehabilitation Projects for 2019-20

  • Bennery Brook Bridge: North Bound Lane Highway 102 (Multiple Year Project)
  • Nappan Marsh Bridge: Trunk 2

Note: Full list of projects, including local road asphalt and gravel roads, in the 2019-20 5 Year Highway Improvement Plan

Other Structures

  • Flood mitigation measures
  • Telecommunication Tower Replacement Program

School construction

  • Springhill Elementary School

School additions and alterations

  • Frank H. MacDonald
  • School capital repairs

Building other

  • Tourism icon fund
  • Housing Nova Scotia public housing renewal ((Community Services))
  • Hants Community Hospital renovation (Health and Wellness)
  • Medical facilities repairs and renewals (Health and Wellness)
  • North Cumberland Health Centre project (Health and Wellness)
  • Nova Scotia Hospital boiler replacement (Health and Wellness)
  • Primary health care facilities improvements - Shelburne (Health and Wellness)
  • Courts safety leasehold improvements (Justice)
  • Provincial parks infrastructure (Lands and Forestry)
  • Shubenacadie complex infrastructure renewal (Lands and Forestry)
  • Building Betterments (Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal)
  • Courts barrier - free access improvements (Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal)
  • Museum of Industry roof betterments (Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal)


  • Land purchases (Lands and Forestry)
  • Land purchases Office of Aboriginal Affairs

Information Technology

  • Online services IT system (Community Services)
  • Inspection and aquaculture programs IT system (Environment)
  • Capital infrastructure betterments (Internal Services)
  • Corporate IT applications (Internal Services)
  • Health and safety management IT system (Internal Services)
  • Health capital infrastructure (Internal Services)
  • MEP compatibility and accessibility IT System (Justice)
  • Municipal data management system (Municipal Affairs)
  • Registry of Joint Stock Companies IT system (Service Nova Scotia)

Vehicles and Equipment

  • Lab equipment (Agriculture)
  • School bus fleet renewal (Education and Early Childhood Development)
  • Ambulance fleet renewal (Health and Wellness)
  • Medical equipment (Health and Wellness)
  • PSFC mobile communications support vehicles (Internal Services)
  • (Justice) centres security systems upgrades (Justice)
  • Fleet renewal (Justice)
  • EMO fleet renewal (Municipal Affairs)
  • Fleet renewal (Lands and Forestry)