Province says former ServiCom employees owed pay

The Department of Labour and Advanced Education has finished its investigation into the sudden closure of a Sydney call centre, finding the former employees are owed pay.

Affected employees are being sent correspondence this week, explaining the outcome of the investigation into the ServiCom closures and the specific pay owing to them.

The provincial government, through the director of Labour Standards and a former employee co-applicant, will make a court application for a bankruptcy order against ServiCom in Canada. 

If a bankruptcy order is made by the court, it will enable former employees to apply to the federal Wage Earner Protection Program where each employee may be eligible to recover up to a 
maximum of $6,600.

The federal government will determine what pay claims qualify for the program and how much each claimant may receive.

ServiCom abruptly closed its Sydney call centre in December, throwing almost 600 people out of work.

A US-based company took over the call centre in January, hiring many of the former ServiCom employees.