Province wants more info on proposed Elmsdale Business Park Expansion

Environment Minister Margaret Miller says additional information is required before a decision can be made on the Elmsdale Business Park Phased Expansion's environmental assessment (EA).

The project would expand the existing business park by around 124 hectares and expand over time based on demand and service requirements from new commercial development.

The application states access roads and land will be cleared and developed as lots are sold, starting near the existing park and expanding southwest.

In her decision earlier this month, Miller says the proponent must provide information regarding storm water management, wetlands, and birds.

Once submitted to the department, Miller will have 50 days to render her decision.

An application was made in 2016 to expand from 31.5 to 225 hectares, but that was put on hold after the Department of Environment requested more details regarding storm water management, wetlands, wildlife, and plants that could be affected.

The municipality withdrew its EA registration on March 24th, 2017 in order to rethink East Hants to rethink both the area and mode of development for the proposed expansion.

A separate wetland alteration application was submitted in 2017 to allow development of the lands where the East Hants Municipal Aquatic Centre is currently being constructed.