Provincial Education Week Awards handed out in Dartmouth

Sixty-four teachers, administrators, early childhood educators, school support staff, and education partners have been honoured for their efforts in the area of inclusive education in Nova Scotia.

This year's Provincial Education Week awards ceremony was held in Dartmouth Tuesday.

The province says the recipients, including eight from the Chignecto-Central Regional Centre for Education (CCRCE), were recognized for going above and beyond to provide inclusive supports to students and children, make them feel welcomed, appropriately challenged and supported. 

CCRCE teachers honoured were Nick Davison, Misty Martell-Ferdinand, and Susan Smith, while Jeff Lynds was given a Public School Administrator Award, and Sarah Kinnear an Early Childhood Educator Award.

Student Support Awards within CCRCE went to Cecil Dunlap, Tamika Borden, and Tammy Maloney.

Full list of recipients
Educator Award

Erin Arnold (AVRCE)
Stephanie Fraser (AVRCE)
Katrina Salmon (AVRCE)
Whitney Van Blarcom (AVRCE)
Kim Corbett (CBVCE)
Alice Francis (CBVCE)
Lynzee MacNeil (CBVCE)
Nick Davison (CCRCE)
Misty Martell-Ferdinand (CCRCE)
Susan Smith (CCRCE)

Eric Morneau (CSAP)
Jennifer Surette (CSAP)
Janie Vautour (CSAP)
Trish Cuvelier (HRCE)
Lindsay Smith (HRCE)
Becca Wall (HRCE)
Bernadette McIntosh (SSRCE)
Lydia Skoreyko (SSRCE)
Julie Jean (SRCE)
Chelsea MacCuspic (SRCE)
Christie MacDonald (SRCE)
Annamarie Talbot (SRCE)
Margaret Selig (TRCE)
Terri Spinney (TRCE)
Heidi Tudor (TRCE)

Public School Administrator Award
Victoria Laurence (AVRCE)
Lisa MacLean (CBVCE)
Jeff Lynds (CCRCE)
Sophie Pednault (CSAP)
Eartha Monard (HRCE)
Allan Turner (SSRCE)
Ann Whalley (SRCE)
Don Berry (TRCE)

Early Childhood Educator Award
Theresa MacLeod (AVRCE)
Michelle Dawson (CBVCE)
Sarah Kinnear (CCRCE)
Kelly Porter (CSAP)
Angie Aucoin (HRCE)
Cindy MacLean (SSRCE)
Jillian Carter (SRCE)
Deanna Theriault (TRCE)

Student Support Award
Gaye Coolen (AVRCE)
Kelly Holleman (AVRCE)
Marilyn Jones-McNeil (CBVCE)
Susan McGean White (CBVCE)
Cecil Dunlap (CCRCE)
Tamika Borden (CCRCE)
Tammy Maloney (CCRCE)

Gina DeLorey (CSAP)
Issam Wade (CSAP)
Carolyn Ashley (HRCE)
Eddie Colley (HRCE)
Tish Sock-Sachetti (HRCE)
Holly Grant (SSRCE)
Shelly Whynot (SSRCE)
Sheila Porter (SSRCE)
Janice DeGruchy (SRCE)
Donna Lameman (SRCE)
Lorraine Reddick (SRCE)
Lisa Comeau (TRCE)
Marlene Joudry (TRCE)
Todd Simms (TRCE)

Partner Award
Sharon Southern (Fédération des parents acadiens de la Nouvelle-Écosse)
James Troy Turple (Nova Scotia Federation of Home and School Associations)