Raw sewage flowing into Nova Scotia's picturesque LaHave River after pipe breaks

Raw sewage from about 1,000 homes is currently flowing into a picturesque river on Nova Scotia's South Shore.

The mayor of Bridgewater says there was an infrastructure failure last week that led to an old pipe breaking, and raw sewage is now flowing into the LaHave River.

David Mitchell says officials with the town were unable to fix the pipe, so an independent engineering firm is being brought in.

He says the problem likely won't be fixed until Tuesday or Wednesday.

The mayor says the town prides itself on its environmental leadership, and said: "It's kind of heartbreaking for us to be putting sewage into the river."

Mitchell says Bridgewater just celebrated its 119th birthday and some of the underground infrastructure isn't much younger.

He says the town had just finished replacing all the underground infrastructure in the downtown core, but the broken pipe is just beyond that.