RCMP on site in Fort Ellis to enforce temporary injunction at Alton Gas site

The RCMP have several cruisers on Riverside Road in Fort Ellis on Wednesday to enforce the temporary injunction order against protesters on the Alton Gas property.

The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia issued the order on March 27th, which included obligations for RCMP to enforce the terms of the injunction should demonstrators continue to occupy the site at the main entrance to the natural gas project.

The RCMP say there will be an increased police presence in the area so that officers are available to respond as needed.

Police state they are impartial in this dispute, with a primary goal of the safety and security of all involved, and add that body worn cameras will be used.

The RCMP say they're hopeful the terms of the order can be met through open dialogue with the demonstrators.

Police say a "temporary exclusion zone and road closure is in place for public and police safety reasons", with areas clearly marked and will only be maintained as long as necessary.

Updates will be provided via the Nova Scotia RCMP website and Facebook and Twitter feeds as available.