RCMP say click it or get a ticket campaign used in Amherst to show importance of wearing seatbelts

RCMP say 83 seatbelt tickets were issued throughout March after police took a creative approach to showing the importance of seatbelt use. 

Mounties say members of Northwest Traffic Services in Amherst wanted to show that seat belt use is important every time a person is in a vehicle, not just when police might be watching. 

RCMP officers used a rented pick up truck, and dressed as surveyors, with uniformed RCMP officers nearby in police vehicles. 

The disguised officers 'spotted' traffic offences, while the uniformed members were notified and stopped the vehicles. 

Police say the following traffic tickets were also issued for the month of March: six cell phone tickets, 17 warnings, three unregistered vehicle tickets, three expired safety inspection tickets, and one man with an outstanding warrant.