Refugee chocolatier names new bar after the Mi'kmaq word for peace

A Canadian chocolate company founded by Syrian refugees has produced its first chocolate bar - and given it an Indigenous name.

Peace by Chocolate of Antigonish, N.S., revealed Wednesday its new milk chocolate and hazelnut bar is to be called Wantaqo'ti, the Mi'kmaq word for peace.

Founder Tareq Hadhad said it the mission of his company - which until now has mostly sold boxes of chocolates - to translate the family's concept of peace to all Canadians, starting with the Mi'kmaq of his home province.

He said he and his company felt the need to be part of the ``noble process'' of truth and reconciliation so they reached out to Mi'kmaq leaders to help translate and guide them during the process.

Hadhad said other versions of the bar will be sold using the Arabic, French and Mandarin words for peace.

He hopes to sell bars with 20 languages, including other Indigenous languages, by the end of the month.