Response to Halifax sex assault case is proof that society is evolving: advocates

A Nova Scotia legislature committee has been told the public outcry surrounding the acquittal of a Halifax cab driver accused of sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman is proof sexual-violence education is having an effect.

Sarah Kay Granke, who helps coordinate the province's sexual assault strategy, says the response and protests sparked by the court decision show society is changing.

Granke says the reaction wouldn't have been the same 10 or 15 years ago.

But she says there is still a need for a multi-faceted educational approach to what is a complex issue.

Stephanie MacInnis-Langley, of the Nova Scotia Council on the Status of Women, says the Halifax case and others from across the country have led to a public discussion that is helpful in dealing with sexual violence issues.

MacInnis-Langley says she believes society is in a "better place" in 2017 than it was even two years ago because the discussion is "on the table."