Road Preservation Tax results presented to Truro council

A new tax announced in the Town of Truro this year is being hailed as a success by council.

The Road Preservation Tax was anticipated to raise $342,000 in 2018-19 to help address not just the worst roads, but for preventative maintenance on others.

Deputy Engineer Chuck Roberts told council this week the focus was on milling and repaving, which is a fraction of the cost of completely rebuilding a street.

Eight streets were tackled this year, with just over 1.5 km of work being done in total, and the budget as of October 30th has $11,094 remaining.

The town said when the new tax was announced that any leftover money would be carried over to the following year's budget through a reserve fund.

The rate was set at $0.0425 per $100 of assessed value for residential assessment and $0.0375 per $100 of assessed value for commercial assessment.

Mayor Bill Mills says a number of officials were asking him about the program during the Atlantic Mayor's Congress last month in St John’s, Newfoundland.

Work done through the Road Preservation Tax is in addition to $940,145 received through the Federal Gas Tax Fund this fiscal year which the town also budgeted for roads.

Road Preservation Tax (from the Department of Public Works in a presentation to council):

Year 1 (2018-19)  
Street Budget
Esplanade St (Young to Forrester) $39,900
Prince St (Whitman to Willow) $47,691
Young St (Fairview to Glenwood) $58,800
Willow St (Glenwood to McClure's Mills) Spreader Patch $20,000
Arthur St (King to Pleasant) $52,500
Treaty Trail (Tower to Rachel Marshall) $54,600
Walker St (Queen to Salmon River Bridge) $33,600
Prince (Cottage to Lyman) $33,000
Distance: 1.505km $340,091
Year 2 (2019-20)  
Street Budget
Willow St (Glenwood to McClure's Mills) $80,000
Treaty Trail (Tower to Rachel Marshall) $48,037.50
McClure's Mills Rd (Willow to James) $63,000
Lower Truro Rd (Lockhart to McClure's Mills Connector) $121,275
Wade St (McClure's Mills Connector to Kent Building Supplies) $126,000
Prince St (Dominion to Pleasant) $33,600
Young (Empire Loop to Landfill) $112,035
Distance: 2.355km $583,947.50