Roadside memorials: Halifax considering time limits and other restrictions

Municipal politicians in Halifax are considering new rules that would place limits on how long and where roadside memorials can be placed on public property.

The issue attracted public attention last summer when municipal workers removed a white cross honouring the memory of 15-year-old Kylie Cooper, who was killed last June in a collision on Highway 2 in Wellington, part of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

City officials said they were responding to complaints about an object on the municipality's right of way, but Cooper's mother said the move was insensitive.

Coun. Steve Streatch returned the cross to the side of the highway, and regional council asked staff to draft recommendations for new rules.

The staff report is recommending a one-year time limit for roadside memorials, a restriction that other municipalities have already imposed in other parts of the country.

As well, the report says makeshift memorials should include the name and telephone number of the person responsible for the marker and the date of installation.