Safety concerns raised after lawyer allegedly assaulted by client in courtroom

A group representing Nova Scotia lawyers is raising new safety concerns following an alleged courtroom assault on a woman by her male client.

The Nova Scotia Crown Attorneys' Association says courtroom security is an ongoing issue and lawyers have been threatened, punched and spat upon.

The group's president, Crown attorney Perry Borden, says abusive behaviour has almost come to be expected, with something happening every few months in criminal court.

The comments come after police said they were called to Dartmouth provincial court Tuesday after a 37-year-old legal aid lawyer was allegedly assaulted by a 65-year-old man she was representing.

Few details were being released, but the incident took place inside a courtroom before sheriffs intervened.

Borden told Global News he would like to see improvements made to courthouse security, including barriers that would separate an accused person from the rest of the staff and spectators.