Sailboat cocaine case delayed again as smuggler captain switches lawyers

The sentencing hearing for a sailboat captain caught smuggling 250 kilograms of cocaine from the Caribbean to a Nova Scotia boatyard has been delayed yet again, this time for a change of lawyers.

Lawyer Patrick MacEwen informed Judge Gregory Lenehan that he was appearing for Jacques John Grenier in Halifax provincial court Monday.

MacEwen told Lenehan he had not yet been fully retained by Grenier, but expected he would be, and the sentencing hearing was adjourned until March 20.

He didn't say why defence lawyer Brad Sarson is no longer on the case.

Federal Crown lawyer Glen Scheuer told Lenehan he will possibly call evidence at the sentencing hearing on charges of possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking and importing cocaine.

A third charge against Grenier, conspiracy to import cocaine, has yet to be dealt with.