Salmon River man wins $1 million MAXMILLIONS prize

A Salmon River man says he thought a $1 million Lotto Max email was a prank or some sort of error.

Chris Johnson has been a regular player on the Atlantic Lottery Corporation's website for several years, and says he knew something was out of the ordinary when an email said he won a prize following the April 5th Lotto Max draw.

Unlike other, smaller prizes he had won through his online account, this notification had no dollar amount listed.

Johnson and his wife Natasha were driving home and entered an area without any cell service just as he was about to check his account for the prize amount.

"For the next 40 minutes we were driving through this dead zone and I was trying not to let my mind race about what the winnings could be,” Johnson said. “When we finally drove out of the area and I got into the account to see I won $1 million, I just didn’t believe it."

Johnson’s ticket purchased through was a MAXMILLIONS prize winner.

He says he and his wife are looking forward to paying off their mortgage and setting up education funds for their three children.