Second woman says she was turned away from Truro hospital after being sexually assaulted

A second woman has come forward to say she was turned away from the Truro hospital after being sexually assaulted, calling the experience "degrading."

The Colchester County woman has provided our newsroom with a copy of the letter she has sent to Health Minister, Randy Delorey, calling for more Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) services.

The woman, who does not want to be identified,  says she decided to come forward with her story after hearing about the young woman who was recently turned away from the Colchester East Hants Health Centre, having only been handed pamphlets on sexual assault.

The latest woman to come forward says she was sexually and physically assaulted by her then-husband in 2014, and, at the request of Bible Hill RCMP, went to the Truro hospital to have a "rape kit" done.

After being triaged and a two-hour wait in the waiting room, where the woman says she felt scared and paranoid everyone knew why she was there, a nurse brought her into an exam room.

The woman says once she told the nurse she was there for a "rape kit" the nurse responded with "great, we will have to close the ER to do it because it takes so much time."

She was then told there were "specialized nurses" in Halifax, but not Truro, before the nurse left to get a doctor.

When the doctor and nurse returned, the woman says she was told the doctor would not be doing the rape kit, and he handed her a piece of scrap paper with a phone number for the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre in Halifax, telling the woman he didn't know if there was anything in Colchester for her.

The woman says she left the hospital feeling alone and violated.

In her letter to the health minister, the woman says she doesn't want sympathy or attention; she just wants this to never happen again and is calling on the minister make sure there are SANE services available in Truro.

The Colchester Sexual Assault Centre (CSAC) says the current closest options for SANE services are HRM or New Glasgow. The organization's Executive Director says there have been conversations about this lack of access to the SANE program for at least eight years.