Sexual assault charges against STFX prof stayed due to 'unreasonable delays'

A high-profile sexual assault case against a St. Francis Xavier University professor has been tossed out due to unreasonable delays.

Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Patrick Murray stayed the proceedings against Behrang Foroughi-Mobarakeh after the case took over three years to come to trial.

The judge blamed the delays in part on the RCMP's failure to ``act on a timely basis,'' as well as issues with disclosure which he said came in ``bits and pieces.''

He noted it took police to two years to send evidence to a forensic lab.

While the total delay was 38 months, the Crown argued three months was due to the defence's delay and the preliminary inquiry led to an extra four-month delay.

The decision comes in the wake of the Supreme Court of Canada ruling last July, which set strict limits for trial lengths.

The new timeline in superior courts is 30 months from the date charges are laid until the expected end of the trial.