SiRT: Allegations of unnecessary force during teen's arrest are 'unsubstantiated'

The province's Serious Incident Response Team (SiRT) says allegations of unjustifiable and unnecessary force in the arrest of a teen by Lower Sackville RCMP on May 5th are unsubstantiated.

SiRT says during a second call for assistance that day, the teen "had become violent, was cursing, yelling, kicking, and hitting things" after overdosing on an unknown drug.

Police used a taser, as the report says she kicked at the officers and flailed about, but the youth was able to remove one of the prongs which negated the effect of the device.

It took both officers to gain control of the teen, placing her hands and ankles in restraints, but SiRT says she continued kicking.

The agency says the mother had alleged officers repeatedly kicked and kneed the youth in the head for fifteen minutes, and used a taser multiple times.

The SiRT report says this is not supported by medical or taser records, or the evidence from the paramedics and officers involved, adding that the dimensions and layout of the bedroom, as well as the location of the teen's body, make the allegations impossible.