SiRT clears RCMP officers in 2016 Hillsburn incident

The province's Serious Incident Response Team (SiRT) has cleared two RCMP officers in the arrest of an Annapolis County man who sustained non-life threatening gunshot wounds to both arms.

After a call regarding a suspicious fire in Hillsburn in July 2016, a suspect was located at a home nearby driving a stolen truck and attempting to hit a smaller vehicle carrying passengers known to him.

Officers repeatedly ordered the driver to stop and exit the vehicle, but the suspect drove directly toward them, so they fired shots which hit both the vehicle and the driver.

SiRT says the officers knew the man had very recent mental health issues, was acting in a bizarre manner that evening, was possibly armed with a firearm, and was not following their repeated orders to stop and get out of the vehicle.

The agency says witness statements taken by investigators verified the imminent danger facing the officers and the justification for the actions they took.