SiRT investigation launched after Taser deployed in Lower Sackville

The Serious Incident Response Team (SiRT) is investigating the arrest of a teen in Lower Sackville involving the use of a Taser.

Halifax District RCMP were called to a home on Saturday night, but when officers arrived they were told by EHS that their services were no longer required and they left.

Around an hour later, police returned to the scene due to a report of a disturbance.

RCMP sent out a release on Tuesday, "clarifying misinformation on social media", stating the youth became violent when approached by an officer to have a conversation.

Corporal Dal Hutchinson says officers worked to take control of the situation and remove the youth from the home so they could receive appropriate medical care, but the violent behaviour escalated and a Taser was deployed.

The release says the teen "was causing significant harm to themselves and posing a threat to others."

SiRT says the youth was taken to hospital to be assessed, and information was relayed to them by RCMP on Tuesday after it was determined the youth had sustained injuries during the arrest.