Six Americans charged with bringing handguns across Canadian Border so far this summer

Six Americans have been charged with bringing handguns across the Canadian border in New Brunswick so far this summer.

A Canadian prosecutor says five men, three from Florida and two from New England, pleaded guilty and were fined between 15-hundred and two-thousand dollars.

A Maine woman faces trial next year in the sixth incident.

Peter Thorn, who has prosecuted these cases for years, says most of the people caught are ``respectful and law abiding citizens of the U.S.A'' who are unaware handguns are prohibited in Canada.

He says it is proving difficult to let otherwise law-abiding people know they can't bring their firearms on vacation, and it's happening with what he calls ``alarming frequency.''

Thorn adds many of the tourists are 60 and older, and from the South.

The Canadian government has issued travel advisories, and there is signage at the border, but Thorn says word doesn't seem to filter out to the U.S.

The Canadian Border Services Agency seized 671 firearms nationally in 2015, 313 of which were prohibited in Canada.

Last summer, Thorn says border agents seized a gun about once a week at St. Stephen.