Sneak peek given inside Truro's upcoming NSLC Cannabis outlet

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation showed off its new cannabis retail store in Truro that will open October 17th, when marijuana usage is legalized across the country.

The shop is located in the back corner of the NSLC outlet on Elm Street, with a barrier and frosted glass as anyone under 19 years old is barred from seeing inside, or the product, under federal law.

(Staff photo)

Inside, spokesperson Beverley Ware says customers will be greeted by a host, who will talk to them about their knowledge of the product, what they are looking for, and answer any questions.

She says if someone knows what they want, they can simply go directly to the counter.

Ware says they're encouraging people to do research ahead of time, especially as the store officially opens as it will help cut down on the length of time a transaction will take.

Four tablets have also been installed, linking to the NSLC's website on cannabis, for research purposes.

The product is divided into four categories, which relate to the THC content, with different price points for value, core, and premium levels.

(Staff photo)

Signs for each are posted at the back of the store, as well as numerous "social responsibility signs" that speak to things such as the age requirement and limit of marijuana that can be sold, starting with a lower THC level if new to cannabis, consuming separate from alcohol, and not driving while high.

The store will contain some accessories, such as pipes, papers, grinders, and vaporizers, but Ware says they'll be relying on private businesses to offer those products.

Due to concerns over the smell of cannabis, especially for those in the NSLC outlet, cannabis will be sealed in bags from the supplier and put into the retailers own bags as well, with customers asked not to open them in the store; much the same as someone is asked not to open a bottle of whiskey when in the NSLC.

Ware says anyone buying alcohol can pay in the cannabis store, but not vice versa.

She says five to six people were hired specifically to work in the cannabis store, though eventually all NSLC employees will be trained to work in both areas.

The training equates to about five days, between online, in-store, and classroom.