Some drug charges dropped against N.S. doctor due to lack of evidence

The trial for a Nova Scotia doctor police accused of trafficking tens of thousands of painkillers took an unexpected turn today with the Crown deciding to withdraw two of the most serious charges.

Federal Crown prosecutor Josh Bryson says charges of trafficking of oxycodone and possession for the purpose of trafficking in relation to oxycodone aren't going ahead against Dr. Sarah Dawn Jones.

Bryson says the Crown made the decision to withdraw the counts after reassessing the case and realizing there was uncertainty.

He told Global News that after hearing from four witnesses, the Crown realized it didn't have sufficient evidence to show the drugs weren't being provided to a patient.

Police charged Jones in the spring of 2016, with the Crown originally alleging she prescribed 46,000 oxycodone and OxyNeo pills over an 18-month period.

Jones is still facing two counts of fraud and one charge of drawing a document without authority, and Bryson said the Crown will continue to push forward with prosecutions of those two matters.