Sorry, Halifax: Theodore Tugboat is enjoying its fame in Saint John

It's only been in Saint John for a couple of days, but a Haligonian tugboat is already a big hit in New Brunswick.

A replica of the titular main character in the children's television series "Theodore Tugboat," Theodore Too plans to spend the summer in the New Brunswick port city after living in the Halifax harbour for the past 18 years.
Paula Copeland, communications manager for Port Saint John, says the beloved tugboat swept into the harbour on Thursday before a crowd of eager spectators, and will host harbour tours and cruise excursions until its departure back to Nova Scotia in October.
Ambassatours Gray Line, the company that owns the boat, announced last month that Theodore will spend the summer away from home, much to the annoyance of a number of Haligonians, some of whom took to social media to accuse the smiling, baseball-cap-clad vessel of treachery.
Ambassatours spokeswoman Terri McCulloch points out that Theodore has already spent time outside of Halifax, noting it embarked on a 50-city tour along the Eastern seaboard about 10 years ago.

On Sunday, Port Saint John is hosting its annual Community Day, which is expected to draw thousands of people to the waterfront to take a gander at the famous boat.