Sports Schedules 2/14/18

Columbus at Toronto, 8 p.m.
Montreal at Colorado, 10:30 p.m.
Florida at Vancouver, 11 p.m.

Atlanta at Detroit, 8 p.m.
Charlotte at Orlando, 8 p.m.
Miami at Philadelphia, 8 p.m.
Indiana at Brooklyn, 8:30 p.m.
Washington at New York, 8:30 p.m.
L.A. Clippers at Boston, 9 p.m.
L.A. Lakers at New Orleans, 9 p.m.
Oklahoma City at Memphis, 9 p.m.
Sacramento at Houston, 9 p.m.
Toronto at Chicago, 9 p.m.
Phoenix at Utah, 10 p.m.
Golden State at Portland, 11:30 p.m.

Truro Sports Heritage Society Awards Dinner Nominees

The public is invited to attend the annual Truro Sports Heritage Society Awards Dinner Sunday, March 4 at the Best Western Glengarry Hotel.  The event will recognize the many outstanding 2017 athletic achievements by local athletes and teams as well as deserving coaches and volunteers.  Athletes of various ages from 12 to 93 will be honoured from a wide variety of sporting activities and backgrounds.

Hosting the event will be Bruce Rainnie, the well-known former CBC TV commentator and sports announcer.  This past year Bruce became the Executive Director  for the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame.  Recently Bruce travelled to Korea where he again took on the challenge of providing CBC TV Olympic sports action coverage in the Pyeongchang ‎Olympics.  Bruce will speak at the awards dinner about his experience of covering the Olympics and the various interesting experiences he has had with athletes and competitions from around the globe.

Tickets are $25 for students and $40 for adults.  The deadline for ordering tickets is February 27.  Tables of ten are available for group purchase.  Groups that would like to sit together are encouraged to make the arrangements as soon as possible as the event usually sells out.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, contact Sara at 1-902-957-0084 or

Over the coming weeks, the award nominees will be featured below.

Sport and Recreation Volunteer - Robert MacDonald

Robert is a tireless volunteer and exemplifies the spirit of sport and fair play. He encourages the players to be the best they can be whilst emphasizing having fun. He wants the children in the community to have quality experiences and does what he can to make that happen. He builds relationships with the children he coaches and makes them feel special.

Robert coaches in West Colchester and was the head coach of both the PeeWee C and Novice intermediate hockey teams and moved on to be the head the coach for both the PeeWee C and Atom C teams. This responsibility puts him on the ice six times a week.

He also serves as a member of the Executive in the West Colchester Minor Hockey Association.  He is also the Minor Hockey Ice Manager which means he is in charge of scheduling ice times for all teams in the hockey association, a huge job.  As well, as treasurer of the West Colchester Arena, he is not only responsible for keeping track of expenses; he also writes cheques and pays bills.

His record speaks for itself as he has dedicated himself to the children of Colchester County.

Sport and Recreation Volunteer - Steve and Chris Lindsay

Steve and Chris have provided leadership, support and guidance for the 850 member organization of the CC Riders Soccer Club. They can be found planning and implementing programs and providing support for all members. Chris has been involved with CC Riders for the past 3 years, as a coach, and board member. 

Steve has been involved with coaching for over 10 years and a Board member for past 4 years.  He became President this year. 

Chris has also been coaching school soccer (two teams at CCJHS and SCA). 

This past summer both Chris and Steve coached more then one team within the CC Riders Club.  They coordinated the local soccer jamborees for the mini soccer league, running of the Academy U8 and U10 teams, and over-seeing the U10 and U13 non-competitive division of CC Riders. They take care of all the administrative duties with an unwavering passion and commitment to the game and their community.

The CC Riders organization is huge and yet Steve and Chris take on the responsibility of making it a comfortable place for children, parents and coaches to participate in the sport of soccer.